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Baby dream meaning

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Diyanet Rüya : Seeing a baby boy in a dream implies the gospel. Carrying a young boy in a dream means carrying burdens and sickness. Seeing a baby girl in a dream interprets the plenty, honour and easiness after difficulty. A girl baby who still sucking in a dream is the sign of the good and creditable job. Seeing a little girl means worldly goods. If one sees to find and carry an abandoned girl or to give birth a girl, it means that s/he will get rid of troubles such as imprisonment, indebtedness and so on; or s/he will be heralded a baby; or s/he will exposure the grief if he has no troubles like that. If you see yourself as a child and attached to a cradle, it means that you will be arrested or sick. If a woman sees herself as a child, it signs that she will not have a baby forever.

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